Sunday, January 7, 2007

My New Hangout!

Goodness! What a wonderfully friendly place to be!

I was so worried that when Abby told us at the Scrapbook Jungle to either pay $1000 to own the Jungle or she'd shut it down that I was going to be wandering the Net looking for a new home for the rest of my NetDays!

On New Years Day, Abby did just that, she shut down the Jungle. Just a note on the front page, "Thanks for the Memories, Abby". That hurt. A lot. For a lot of reasons that I won't bother to go into because at this point it's simply pointless. What's done is done. Can't be undone.

Thankfully, Becky told me about Scrap That Moment. It's a lovely website for scrapbookers that incorporates a store, gallery, and best of all, message boards! The ladies there welcomed me with open arms. A foray into the gallery revealed inspiration of untold magnitudes! I have had more fun being "just a member" than I think I ever did as a design team member! I have smiled, laughed, and even cried a bit since I've been there.

Soon, Lynette, the owner of STM, and her design team will be traveling to CHA, to promote the ScrappyChick magazine! I'm telling you, this site is going places, and will be THE place to hang out! I may not have come in quite at "ground floor" level, but I'm sure glad I'm already here, before it explodes into something of 2Peas size! :)


Didi said...

I'm so glad you found us! Aint' it fun???!!

Peggy said...

I share your hurt..but also your excitement about STM!! It's an AWESOME place!!

Sassette said...

I am so with you on this one Charlee!!! STM is a great place to be, and I am so glad that I, too, migrated over!