Thursday, June 14, 2007

Have you ever...?

Just drawn a blank at what to post on your blog? Seems like I'm busier than ever, but what do I have to say that would be interesting?

My sub to runs out next month, and I don't think I'll be renewing it for awhile...I need to catch up on the research that I've already done first. Get it all typed into my program, and then get some little books printed up for William's family. They're all interested, they just don't want to do the research!

On a more positive genealogical note, I've found a woman that has one branch of my family researched all the way back to the pilgrims!! How totally cool is that? I'm so excited to research them, and the era in which they lived! I do love history, and genealogy just makes it "personal"...kwim?

NOW for some REALLY exciting news!! Remember I told you about the Scrapbook Chalet and what a cool place it is to hang out for scrappers? Laura has issued a call for her bi-annual DT search!! If you make the DT, you qualify for discounts at her store, store GC's, and get a free kit every month! I do believe that I'm going to try for it, although there are some seriously AWESOME scrappers entering...if you're reading this and you haven't already applied, you certainly SHOULD! Come to think about it, if you're reading this and you haven't checked out the Scrapbook Chalet you really ought to go visit! The women there are super friendly, caring, and fun! Let me share some examples with you, and these are just a FEW of the wonderful people you'll find there:

Laura: The owner of the Chalet...and an ACTIVE owner at that! You'll love her. (This is would be a definate suck-up here...but it's also my TRUE and HONEST opinion...if you bother to get to know me better, you'll find out that I don't say things like that that I don't mean!)
Kat: This little Texan will keep you in stitches! Honestly!
MamaTam (Tammy): One of the sweetest women you'll ever meet! (And only slightly corrupt these days...but it's all Kat's fault....honest! ;) )
Jozzie: OMG! You're gonna LOVE Joz...she's our resident wino and spell checker! Need a recommendation for a good red to go with your spaghetti? Need to know how to SPELL "spaghetti"? This is your girl! :D
Becky: She's right up there with MamaTam in the "sweet" department! Highly pubbed scrapper'll love her as much as I do!
Dawn: She's an incredibly talented woman, who is famous for her "chat about nothing or everything" daily posts.

That's just a few of the terrific women you're going to find at the Chalet. By no means is it everyone...nor does it include the celebrities that you'll find popping in from time to time...sometimes to post, sometimes for a scheduled chat. Nor does it include the incredible talent that you're going to find in the gallery! OMG! TO DIE FOR!!

Go check it out, I promise you won't be sorry!