Sunday, August 3, 2008

Are You Tired of Pots Yet?

**ETA** I found out, thanks to Fant, Roger, and DC that these two pots are made by Lodge. Still dunno how old they are, but they tell me that "we" know that they're Lodge because of the "L" shape of the bail handle thingies! ;) are the two little pots that I bought the other day. There are no markings, and really didn't excite me at first, but they're good, sound little pots, and I'm happy to have rescued them from that shed where there were most certainly doomed!

The bottom of the "10". The marks are from setting on a rack of some kind and not in the metal itself. The markings are:

The lid...the "10" is the only mark of any kind. There are no markings or anything substantial inside either of the pots.

Side view of the 10. Doesn't really look any different than the 8, shown below.

The "8". Just above the 8 is a lightly engraved "7".

The bottom of the 8...again the marks are from a rack of some kind. Under the "8" is "C0"

Side view of the 8. Both pots are poorly seasoned....I don't think there's rust on them. Could be wrong, of course, it could be that they oiled rusty pots. We'll find out when I clean them. I don't think either pot has ever been used....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Explaining the Previous Posts of Photos!

You've read my previous post about my new obsession, Dutch oven cooking. A few days ago, a friend told us about a camp oven that was for sale on Craig's list. I went looking...the pot was listed....with a photo showing the original sticker in the bottom of the inside of the pot. I was pretty jazzed when I called the guy and he told me that he did have 3 pots. He was going to leave to go fishing though, and told me to call him the next morning, (yesterday) at about 7. I waited until about 7:20....and called. Answering machine! I left my polite message. I hung up and gritted my teeth, trying to be patient and not imagine the worst.
I called at 8. Answering machine. Didn't leave a message.
I called at 9. Answering machine. Didn't leave a message.
Called at 10. Answering machine. Didn't leave a message...but my panic was starting to mount. What if he'd sold the pots? He'd said they were going to be first come, first serve. For the price he was asking, it was entirely possible. What if he recognised my number and didn't want to deal with a weepy woman sobbing out an "Ok...well thank you then...."
I didn't call again. I remained hopeful, but that was starting to wane...and then it happened. At 12:30, he called. He was back from fishing...had caught a fish...had a couple of bites...yes, he still had all the pots. I put William on the phone to get directions. WHEW! We made arrangements for an hour off work and left to go get MY pots!

It was quite a ways out in the boonies, but we finally pulled into his yard. We did the introductions and hand shaking, and all the while I wanted to scream at him, "You've made me wait long enough, dammit! Where are the pots?"

He stepped away, into an open, lean-to type shed, and started handing out pots. There were four with legs. There was one without. There was a skillet that was Wagner Ware, aluminum maybe? Silver colored exterior, black inside, not heavy at all. I bought the four pots with legs. He threw in a Wagner griddle.

I came home in seventh heaven. Now I have new friends from all over helping me to decide what to do with these pots. I kind of want to keep them, but I want pots I can cook in, and taking the sticker out of the one pot will take away some of the value. I hate to ruin the pot for a true collector, so I won't be using that one.

The other pots that I will clean and season. I'm not at all sure about the two little pots. Have no idea of how old they are or who made them. I'm betting that I have new friends that will help me to find out! :) My most sincere thanks to them!

Oh! And the reason that I posted the previous two posts with just pictures of the pots? Some of the folks trying to help me identify and value these pots couldn't see the photos that I posted in the I gave them a link to my blog! Thanks so much everyone! :)

Wagner Pot #2

This is the second Wagner, obviously used!

Same message as before...I'll be back later to fill you in!

The Sticker Pot

For those of you that have no idea what this post is about, I'll be back later to fill you in! :)