Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back to Work...

It's Wednesday, but to me, it's Monday. I come back to the office every week to a list of problems that it seems no one else can solve. Some of them, I don't WANT others to try to solve, it's just easier if I do it myself. Some of them, it's just not that tough and I shake my head and roll my eyes as I read the notes about them!

Had a good couple of days off tho. William and I went out to Izzie's for dinner last night. Nice, brand new place here. Food was yummy, and we played the machines (slots) there for a bit after we ate. Didn't win, but oh time maybe! ;)

After dinner, we went to see the movie, "A Night at the Museum". Frankly, while it was a good movie, I was a bit disappointed! I guess I expected more from the special effects. I got amused by them correcting Stiller on the pronunciation of "Sacajawea". They kept telling him to pronounce it as "Sac-ah-ja-wee-ah". When I lived in Montana, near the place where Sacajawea was born, I learned, from an Indian lady, that the correct way to pronounce her name was "Sa-cah-ja-way-ah. With the accent on the "cah". So everytime I heard them correcting Stiller in the movie last night, I wanted to tell them what I had learned when I lived close to her people! ~laffin~

Do you do that? Do you see errors in movies or TV programs and think "That's wrong!"? I find myself doing it a lot...especially with medical shows! I was an EMT for 14 years, and I see medical shows that demonstrate emergency techs at work, and I cringe to think of what the poor patient would go through if it were real! And for the reality shows that show the techs working on packaging a patient for transport? OH MY! There's been more than one time that I wanted to get in touch with the patient and let them know they have grounds for a lawsuit! It's scary, to say the least!

I don't mean to sound superior, I certainly don't FEEL superior! And I'm more than certain that I make mistakes that make others cringe! I guess that it's all part of what makes this world go `round, do ya think? :)

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