Saturday, January 7, 2012

It Was A Lovely Holiday!

We had a really nice Christmas and New Years! Meet "Buzz", my Christmas gift from my wonderful Spousal Unit! Buzz is a 1963 (or so, no real records for these machines) Singer 500A, also known as a "Rocketeer". I absolutely LOVE this machine...William couldn't have gotten me a better gift. To go with it, he bought me a full set of the decorative stitch cams. I had found the machine on Craig's List and showed it to him, but he seemed to blow it off as just another old machine. I was so disappointed a few days later when I was once again browsing Craig's list and the machine was gone! I resigned myself to not having a Rocketeer in my collection yet, and didn't give it much more thought. After all, it's the season to do for others, right? So I went about my way planning to get Christmas gifts for this wonderful man I married. I got him a toolbox for his pickup, and some other things that he "needed" for the truck and for shooting his black powder rifle that he got for his birthday. I was tickled pink knowing that he was going to like his gifts...there was no doubt in my mind. Christmas morning, he handed me a box to open. I opened it, and there was a foot pedal for a sewing machine. He asked if it was the one I'd been looking for since I'd been thinking of finding a black one for my Singer 201-2, that currently has a white colored pedal. I looked at the plug on it, and told him that no, it wouldn't fit, but maybe we could rewire it. He suggested instead that it might fit the machine that was out in our storage shed! He immediately got marching orders to BRING IT IN!! :) He went and retrieved Buzz from the storage unit. I was SO excited!! It's a wonderful machine, sews like a dream.

Regarding my previous post about "the guy" on "that board" ("Frustration Reigns"). He's still tugging at the heart strings of the lovely, generous, big hearted ladies on the board. Today, he posted that he doesn't feel comfortable on the thread he started about vintage machines anymore...why? Because others have answers to questions too? Because he looks like a toddler having a tantrum when he's challenged? Heh! I'm at the point that I feel like I've tried. I've tried to warn the ladies there that he'll take them for a ride if given a chance. He's not beyond taking advantage of their generosity and big, warm hearts. Some of the ladies took what I had to say and have backed away from him. It seems that it's pushed some of them even suggesting that they take up a collection on the board to help him with his medical bills...GIVE ME A BREAK!! He just spent $300 on a GUITAR before Christmas! He doesn't need money...he needs to be neutered! At any rate...I feel my job is done. Can't save the world and all that. There are those out there that want to believe the best of everyone, and take everyone at their word, no matter what. I honestly wish those kind hearts all of the best this world has to offer, and I sincerely hope that they don't end up heartbroken as one woman did. Actually...more than one woman was hurt. Instead of praying for his health, I pray for his victims.
Back to machines!! :) The other "Pre-Christmas" gift I got was a Singer 403! It's the pre-cursor to the Rocketeer. Very nice machine, my friend Suzy found it for me and picked it up for less than $30! This one too, sews like a dream, and I'm so excited to have it! The cabinet on this one needs to be stripped and refinished, but all in all it's not too bad, and the machine itself is wonderful! It takes the same decorative cams as the Rocketeer, so the two machines will share those. Now I just have to get some other projects finished so that I can SEW SOMETHING! :) Speaking of getting things done...I'd best get at it...I really need to get this sewing/computer room so that I can walk through it! :) Talk to you later!