Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just more pics of the PGR

The PGR riding into Redmond....these bikers are so impressive to me! Each and everyone of them has a heart of gold and is truly heartbroken at the loss of each solider. I encourage you to visit their website!

This is the Memorial Hummer that a woman in Portland had painted in her son's memory, and the images on the rear panel are of him and the others that died with him. These were taken at the funeral of Private Thomas Tucker of Madras, OR , one of the two soliders that were captured and tortured in Iraq. More than a thousand people showed up for that funeral, and bikers came from all over the country to ride in his honor guard. They came past where I live, at least 300 bikes....I could hear them coming for several minutes before I saw them.

If you'd like to know more about the PGR, go to They're an awesome organization!

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mama_in_pajamas said...

I love that there are groups like this in the world! I would be happy to proudly stand beside them and call them friend.