Thursday, June 19, 2008


Allow me to lay a bit of groundwork first. We used to go camping when I was a kid. Tomboy....dirt....I was ok with it then.
My ex was an outdoor kinda guy. Hunting, fishing, camping. EVERY weekend. Our freaking honeymoon was a weeklong backpacking trip!
Tents all the way too. As in sleep on the ground, in a tent, rain or shine. As I began to dislike him, I started to resist. I'm not an outside kinda girl. I don't like bugs. I don't like being cold. campfires are ok, BUT I hate the smoke.
Pretty safe to say that I do NOT like camping! Full fledged "don'wanna!" Completely "EWWWWWWWWWW! May I go get a mamography instead?"
Then...yesterday. Ah...yesterday. We went and looked. He liked it. I even thought it was acceptable. It's coming home with us on Saturday. We'll be doing a lot of camping to justify it. I'm thrilled about that aspect, let me tell excited I could just pee my pants. Except that I don't have to....this has a potty! Let me show you our new aquisition.... she's not new, but she's clean and like new.

Now call me silly, but I'd say that the aquisition of this delightful jewel of campers is a pretty good sign that I love my husband, since he likes me to go with him. And he loves camping and stuff.

I'm nervous about it, as I am anytime I purchase something on time. In another lifetime, I had a few bills that I couldn't pay right away, and that bothers me beyond bothered. I fret about it. I worry about it. I panic if it looks like I'm going to be the slightest bit late with a payment. But there I was, signing my name on that line. It's ours now. And for what it's costing us, WE'RE GOING TO USE IT AND HAVE FUN DAMMIT! ~GRIN~ ( I'm a LITTLE BIT excited!)

I'm going to make some kind of slipcover for the couches. They're not terrible, but they're that nubby kind of material. Our little dog, Jake, has this tendancy to try to "fluff" his bed before he lays on it. His little nails catch in the fabric and tear it up. I'm going to make new curtains for it too. The ones in it already are ugly. We'll need to purchase a few things for it...but for the most part I already have everything we'll need to put in it.

So there you have it. Our little home away from home. Our retreat. My concession to go camping with the man that I love more than life itself.... Gonna be a good summer... :)