Saturday, July 14, 2007


Check it out!! Laura at the Scrapbook Chalet was kind enough to choose me to be one of her Creative Crew for this new term! I'm so excited about it, and so jazzed to think that with the positive attitudes of this new team that we'll be able to promote the site and Laura's store and kit club to new levels!

I think, that if you'll surf on over to The Scrapbook Chalet and check out the friendly, "No Snarks Allowed" atmosphere you'll like what you find. It's a place to talk about scrapping, to play, to share our lives with others that have the same interests. It's a safe haven where you can play and post and know that no one is going to make fun of you or look down on you. The whole purpose of the Chalet is to promote FUN in scrapbooking. And it's good to know too, that the store is right there, and that Laura will be able to provide you with products that will inspire you to create some happy pages!

Please come play with us...we'd love to have you!