Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Really Should...

Update my blog more often! So much has happened lately that I'm way behind! Let's see...where to start?

That Scrapbook Chalet DT position that I was so proud of? Non-existant now. Laura decided to give the Chalet to Kat, because, (cheer now! :D ) Laura is getting two children to foster, with the possibility of adopting! YEA! I'm so tickled for her!! She's going to be super busy, and didn't think she'd have time for the message boards and gallery, so she handed them over to Kat.
Kat didn't pick me up as a part of her design team, altho she kept me on as admin...I'm not sure how much help I will be to her, but I'll do my best! :) At any rate, the board's been renamed the ScrapShanty, and should remain the same fun place to chat as it was before the switch. Now I just have to decide whether or not to reload my layouts...only two of them made it thru the change-over...the rest got deleted. I hate making people look at and remark again on layouts they've already seen, so most likely won't reload...

Mikki pointed out a "new" (to us) board...a place called "TallyScrappers"! OMG, WHAT A FUN BOARD! I'm still in the process of learning the site and figuring out how to navigate since it's set up like nothing I've see before, but I'm having a blast doing that! :D There's a link on the right side of this page, go check the place out!! I think if you explore it a bit, you'll love it as much as I am right now! You haven't LIVED until you've had some TallyPoints POWER under your belt!! ~grin~

Gotta go for now, will try to get here soon...maybe even today and post more!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet Chester D Kitty!

My new baby, Chester (because he likes to sit on my chest) D. (short figure it out) Kitty!
He's an adorable, loving, wildly affectionate kitty! Some friends had his sister, and when I met that kitten, I knew I had to bring her brother home. These kittens lost their mother when they were a day or so old, and the son of these friends bottle fed all four kittens.

You can tell, he loves being with "Mom"...and it's rare that an animal or child prefers me to William, so I'm loving it! If you don't put your chin down to his for "kisses" then he'll paw at your face until you do!