Monday, August 22, 2011

YAY!! It's My Friday!!

I'm tickled pink! Today is my Friday...we take off from work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and I'm so ready for it today!

Tomorrow, I have to go to the doctor. I've been having some pain in my left arm, and it's becoming a problem. I have trouble dressing, I can't reach into the backseat of the car, and so on. The pain can be dibilitating! I'm not looking forward to what she'll tell me....I've put on some weight in the past year, I haven't yet quit smoking, and I stopped taking the statens that are supposed to lower my cholesterol. Not to mention the cost of fixing whatever is wrong. Oh well...que sera! What will be, will be! We'll work through it, no matter! :)

Let's talk about happy stuff! Like Obama's popularity ratings!! ~grin~ How is it that the "popular" man that won the presidency is no longer so much loved? Joe Biden said it himself before he was the vice presidential canidate. "The Oval Office is no place for on the job training!" (and yes, he said it about Barry!)

Happier yet? SEWING MACHINES!! I so love those silly things! This is my newest aquisition, a 1953 Singer Model 20 toy. William bought it for my birthday, which isn't until November, but he is silly and can't wait! Now if I can keep him from buying anything in November when my birthday actually is here, it'll be a miracle, but I'm going to try! This machine is only missing one little thing...the "C" clamp that holds the machine to the table, because it's so light that it will push over when you try to turn the handcrank.

These were another find!! These are attachments for a Wheeler & Wilson Model 8 or 9 sewing machine!! Keep in mind, that as tattered as the manual for them looks, it's over 100 years old! I expect to be a bit tattered by the time I'm that age too! ;)

Isn't this pretty? I found this, and four doilies for a total of $5 at a thrift store! They all need some degree of minor repair, but as a crocheter that has won more than one blue ribbon at fairs and shows, I'm pretty sure I can handle that!

Ok....I'm off to browse my favorite site, and maybe chat a bit with friends on Facebook! Happy evening to you all, and may your tomorrow, and ALL of your tomorrows be happy, healthy, and positively wonderful!!



OMG how cute is the singer toy, can you imagine being a young girl and receiving one of those as a gift!!!! love it and I will keep a look out for you.

Petfield said...

Please contact me at to discuss Martha Ward.

NOT Janet said...

Charlee, you and I pretty much agree on sewing machines and "The Annointed One" (so called by Hannity). Enjoy your blogs!! Janice