Saturday, August 13, 2011 I'm not so good at the blogging thing!

But I DO love my sewing machines! These old girls are something else, I can't imagine ONE modern machine that exists today, sewing like these machines do at 50, 60, 100, and over 100 years old! Wonderful old machines, that actually do what I need them to do....SEW! No computer chips to get corrupted! Yippee!! NOT to say that I don't absolutely LOVE the Janome that William bought for me a couple of years ago, I do! But as old as these machines are, they're going to outlive that machine! This first pic is of a 1934 White Number 8, an electric Vibrating Shuttle machine that White made to compete with Singer's model 27. Evidently there wasn't much competition, because these machines were only made for a year or so, from what I understand. I named her "Fannie", after a woman that worked for William at the Town Pump in Montana. William was quite amused by that, and told me that it worked perfectly, because when I was showing interested guests my machines, I could show them "My White Fannie"!!! He kinda forgot the comma when he said it! LOL

This one is Annie. She's a Singer model 15-91 from 1946. I paid a customer $20.00 for her, she came with the matching stool, full of threads and goodies! Her attachments are mostly "blackside". I named her Annie, because of two things: Her "Queen Anne" cabinet and stool, and I happened to be reading a book that my sweet sis in law had given me about Anne Boelyn. I used this machine to stitch a Hawaiian shirt for William, including the buttonholes! She did a wonderful job....

My 1916 Singer Redeye that I bought in a little shop on the coast for $15.00. Pretty little thing, came with an aftermarket motor that immediately got removed when I got it home. She also had most of the attachments made for this model. This is one of Singer's "oddball" domestic machines, in that the attachments are all "back clamps"....the early model 66 machines are the only ones that have this style of attachments. They can be hard to find, and expensive when you do. She's waiting patiently for a treadle cabinet.

I've named this beautiful machine "Eleanor" after the woman that first purchased her in 1915 in England. I bought her from a couple in Sisters, Oregon, his grandmother was Eleanor Pike. Eleanor passed the machine down to her daughter, Bessie Pike Smith, who passed the machine down to David Smith, who sold the machine to me with the understanding that if anyone in the family EVER decided that they want the machine, I will sell it back. (My offer, not their demand). Eleanor (the machine) is a Singer Model 28K handcrank. The "K" after the model number simply means that the machine was made in Kilbowie, Clydebank, Scotland. I've used this machine to piece some simple quilt blocks, she's absolutely wonderful!! I'm in love with both the motions of operating a handcrank, and with the sound of a vibrating shuttle. I did pay a bit more for this one, but having the history of the machine back to her first owner, along with nearly perfect decals and case made her worth it to me!

Enough with the sewing machines for now...let's talk politics!! Who do you like for 2012, and why?
Honestly, I'm liking Herman Cain... Barry Obama fell so far short of my hopes for him. I didn't vote for him, can't stand his wife, feel sorry for his children, and he's demonstrated that Jimmy Carter is NOT the worst president in history. People made such a big deal of Sarah Palin and how "stupid" she was...but they chose to ignore that Barry thought we had 57 states???
Anyway...I'm interested in what you think!!


Leah Crowe said...

I rarely dabble in politics with my hubs much less friends.. lmao

I do love love love your sewing machines.. especially that last one. gorgeous!!! Tell William I said hi :)

Charlee said...

Awwww!! C'mon Leah...spill it!!

It's good to see you! :) The sewing machines have become a favorite hobby of mine...and I try to make at least one thing with each of them! :)


OMG love your machines, it looks like I am joining you down that slippery slope of sewing machine collecting!!!! Being English your joke about naming your machine Fannie made me laugh out loud!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs and machines. I am FOR SURE not an Obama fan!!
From D. in Madras