Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy Week!

I've been a "fishing widow" for the past 3 days, and while I sometimes enjoy the solitude, I miss the spousal unit terribly and am anxious for him to get home tonight! In order to encourage the boss to go with him, I volunteered to work on our normal days off, so instead will be taking off tomorrow and Friday. Can we say, "YARD SALE!!" LOL I don't usually get to go to them, since I work weekends. I'm a bit excited! Maybe I'll find a new machine to bring home with me! :)

Worked on genealogy a bit this week, trying to find the parents of my Martha Ward. She was born in 1840, in Texas, orphaned by or before 1850, where she appears on the census for Walker County, TX living with Wm. and Mary Cummings and their 2 small children, as a 10 year old. There's no relationship information on the 1850, so we can't tell if Mary was a sister, or if they were guardians for her... I did find an 1846 tax roll for Walker County, and it listed a Jacob Ward...maybe her daddy? Will be digging deeper if I can!

Have not sewed at all this week. Maybe tomorrow afternoon/evening or on Friday afternoon/evening. Have some projects that I need to get finished up..they've been around too long!

On the political front: A question for you all. Do you think Obama stands a chance of reelection? The more I read/listen, the less chance I think he has! To be honest, I do think some of the problems are a result of prior administrations. "SOME" being the operative word. I think SOME of them are the fault of good old American greed.

When will Americans learn? Yes. Chinese made is cheaper, Philipine labor is cheaper, but if you don't support the American Worker, the American Worker can not support you! How hard is that to figure out for all of the big companies that farm out jobs (outsource) to other countries???? Put Americans out of work, and they won't need tech support for your product, because they don't have a job and can no longer afford it. DUH!

Nuff said for today.

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