Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm under orders...

To update my blog! YESSUM MIZ LEAH....I'm gettin' right on it, M'am! ;)

Let's see...what's new? Nothing really. I'm still fighting cellulitis in my left leg. It's starting to look worse all the time. Not only swollen, but red, scaley, nasty! Now it's advanced to hurting. For those of you that don't know me well, I don't feel pain like most people do. Example: When my appendix ruptured, the only reason I had to go to the doctor was because I couldn't keep anything down. I had absolutely NO abdominal pain what-so-ever. I did however, have a white blood cell count over 26,000. (Normal is 4000 to 10000....roughly)

Hey! Really big news! I've smoked ciggarettes since I was 13 years old. At some times in my life, as many as 4 packs a day. more recently, a pack a day. I started taking a pill called Chantix about a month and a half ago. Eight days ago, I put down the smokes. Decided that I was done. Then I decided that, "Damn! What the HELL was I thinking??" and almost went and got a pack. William wouldn't let me. Three days went by and I was snapping and snarling at him somethin' fierce! Then I got smart. I bummed a cigg from one of the guys we work with! I was almost GLEEFUL! I actually giggled as I tucked it away in a little box on my save for later. Except "later" still hasn't come. It's still there. I think that I just didn't want anyone telling me that I couldn't have a cigg, or that I couldn't smoke. NOT that I haven't had moments when I wanted a smoke. Really bad. But they always pass as soon as I think about something else.
I think I'm gonna be ok! I don't think I could have done it without the Chantix. If you're a smoker, and you WANT to quit, it's the "easy" route to take! You might feel a little bit queasy at first. Just make sure that you take it with something in your stomach...after breakfast and after dinner. The other's expensive. But I was going thru 30 packs of cigs a month, at about 3.76 per pack. That's $112.80 a month I was burning up. Chantix, purchased at Walmart or Fred Meyers, costs about $108 a month. I'm actually saving money with the Chantix. It's so worth it!

Check it out! Am I not just a cutie? :D This photo was taken on my first birthday, and that's my mama hanging onto me. It's been nearly 50 51st birthday is the 8th. So much water under the bridge. So much....

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Leah said...

I absolutely LOVE that photo Mz Charlee! You are cuter than a button ;)
WTG on that quitting!! I'm so proud of you!!! and thanks for the shout out ;) mwah!