Sunday, November 18, 2007

How Cool!

I'm excited! Let me explain....

In June, I made a flying trip to California to help sort thru my mother's belongings. As we went through things, we found a couple of Bibles. One of them was engraved "Lynn Drain", and had a certificate from a VBS for "Sherry Drain". I brought the Bibles home and posted on in the message boards about them, hoping to be able to make a connection and get these Bibles back to where they rightfully belong.
I made a connection!!! Lynn Drain Jr. posted on the Ancestry board some of his history, and that history includes residence in Delta County, Colorado! Guess where we lived for many years? :) In fact, Mom was a nurse at the hospital there!

I'm positive now, that this Bible belonged to either this guy's dad, or maybe even to Lynn Jr. himself! I can't wait to hear from him, and to get this Bible back to him where it belongs!!!

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Leah said...

The blog is looking fabulous.. love the banner too!! Love that story about the bible!