Saturday, February 24, 2007

What makes a good site to hang out at?

I love this photo! Well...mostly. I hate that it shows how fat I really am, but I love that it shows me with my best friend in the whole world, William. :)

Anyway...on to the subject at hand. Internet communities. Interesting places, each with a dynamic of it's own.
Started at "Our Creative Companion". Let's just say that it didn't work out and leave it at that. There are still some hard feelings, I think, on both sides.
Kat started the Scrapbook Jungle, and it was home for 4 years. Was a wonderful community, until it got close to the end, and people started leaving. We tried so hard to revive it, and ended up getting burned out. Of course, we didn't have any help at all from the owner...Abby (long story, but she got the place from Kat..FREE). Water under the bridge.
So I ventured over to Scrap That Moment. Looked like a friendly, wonderful place to hang out. And it was, for awhile. Until it came to light that the owner is slightly narcissistic. Well...maybe a bit more than "slightly". And maybe just a tad.... well...nuff said. It turned out to not be the place for me, even tho there are still people there that I like, very much! Can't recommend hanging out there tho.

My new hangout? Scrapbook Chalet! Check it out. Many of the ladies that I met at STM are now there at the Chalet. I LOVE IT! It's fun, it's friendly, and it's fast paced. I'm a bit embarrassed to post any of my layouts tho...that gallery is simply intimidating! The talent there ROCKS, and my slapped together layouts just don't measure up. You can't ask for better inspiration tho, and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from these awesome scrappers!

Also need to say that it's good to be hooked up with Kat again! :) We have such fun together!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I completly understand where you're coming from. I didn't spend too much time at STM. I had a wierd feeling about the owner from the get go, but thought it was me.
Love the Chalet. I also like The Untamed Scrapper.
Post your layouts. I posted a few of mine before looking what was there.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Yes, Redmond has changed SO MUCH! I haven't been back for 5 yrs, so I am sure there is even more happening now. Super Walmart? WOW. I was just amazed at the Fred Meyer....that's where the fair grounds used to be. I still remember the drive in where Wagners is now.
I used to by all my clthes at Gaylords on the main street. Not sure if they are still there. Loved that place.

Jaci said...


I saw at the Chalet that you had updated so I thought I'd come and visit you!

I LOVE that picture! Not only is it so cute (with the big heart in the sand) but you guys look so happy!

I'm so glad that you like it at the chalet! We've worked hard to make it a fun place for gals like you! And you should never feel embarrassed to show us your work! I would love to see some of it!

Jaci (bonbitz)

mama_in_pajamas said...

I think you should post your LOs Charlee! They're awesome! Mine on the other hand are less than mediocre when compared to the art you do!! :D