Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's ALL her fault!

It's all her fault, this obsession of mine with genealogy! This is Mary Ann Aitken MacKenzie. My great great grandmother. My mother's father's father's mother. My sister scanned some old photos that my mother had, this one was among them. See the "beauty spot" near her mouth? It's natural. I have it too. While I don't look exactly like her, I do have a lot of her features, and I'm guessing that from the twinkle that you can detect in her eyes, we probably would have shared a sense of humor as well! ;)

Anyway...it's her fault. My genealogy addiction. When I got this photo, I wanted to scrap it. Knew nothing about her except for her name and who she was within my family tree. So I went to my old standby, Google, and I typed in her name. I found a website that listed her, along with other family members back to the WAYYYYYYbacks! Goodness! A goldmine of information! I then wondered how much information I could find by typing in other family names. I went to www.familysearch.org. I went to Rootsweb and Ancestry.com I went to Genealogy.com. I was all over the web, and finding more information than I could shake a stick at. I even found a famous ghost in my family tree! :D (Can't wait to meet her....someday!)

It's become a mission. I *need* to find out more information. It's not enough to know that I had relatives that were some of the first "whites" in San Diego, California. It's not enough to know that I had two uncles that fell at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862. It's not enough to know that William's 5th great grandfather fought with the Swamp Fox during the Revolutionary War, or that his father supplied the Fox's troops with food and horses.



Sassette said...

Oh Charlee, you know that I share this passion right along side of you!
This photo is amazing, and you know, I can see lots of similarities between you both!

Diana said...

Very cool! I instantly thought you and she had the same mouth!

Angela said...

I feel ya! When I discovered that our library has a subscription to one of the main geneology sites and that having a membership card grants you access, I was AAAALL over it and spent MONTHS researching. I found out things that even my great grandmother didn't know! Priceless!

Scraptastickat said...

WOW... the resemblance is incredible...seriously! I think its great that you are so into doing Geneology Char! Maybe one day one of your grandkids will appreciate it?