Monday, February 19, 2007

Just way cool...

Meet Deputy Joye and...uhmmmm...I forgot the other human's name, but I'd like to introduce to Deputy Missy and Deputy Narc as well. (I promise I'll find out the man's name as soon as possible....I'm rather embarrassed!) If you can detect from Deputy Narc's name, these dogs are drug sniffers. They're both pretty good at the jobs they do too, as are their handlers.

I was amazed at how playful and friendly these two canine officers were! Missy, the lab, was super hyper and Deputy Joye told me about how the dogs are really playing games in their own minds. Said even the police dogs that you see attacking perps are just playing tug o' war! I learned a lot today about them when they came to the facility that I work at and trained. It was totally cool, and I can't wait to watch them the next time they come! I was welcomed to take photos, talk, throw things at or for the they could train them to keep working thru the distractions. Amazing! I really appreciate the job these deputies do. I don't have much use for druggies...they're leaches on society. I'm all for doing what can be done to help them clean up, and I'm all for doing what can be done to stop them from selling and using drugs in our communities! I happily told the deputies that they are welcome on our property at any time, day or night to train!

Let me share a few more photos...

Find it Missy!

Good Girl!!

Your turn Narc! Find it Buddy!!

*sniff, sniff,* This was taken just before he found the dope. GOOD DOG!!

Sweet dogs, very nice handlers. Our facility was a training haven for them, and I'm sure they'll be back soon! I hope so! I need MORE pictures! :)

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Scraptastickat said...

AWESOME! Charlee I bet you had a great time with them. Was Jake jealous when you got home and smelled another dogs scent on you? LOL I can picture him being all grumpy!