Monday, September 26, 2011


YAY!! We're making progress on the Davis cabinet!! I expect Miz Hazel the Machine to be up and sewing by the end of the week!!

William put the treadle base back together after we painted the rough and/or rusty spots!

Tonight, I tackled the coffin top and drawers...(I *REALLY* need to buy some gloves!! I don't think I'll ever get my hands clean again!) The top is looking good, as are the drawers.

The drawer pulls surprized me the most. What I thought was dull brass turned out to be silver!! I'm not sure of the metal, maybe nickle?

Tomorrow, I tackle the remainder of the cabinet...and then I'll start with shellac. I think it's going to be so pretty!!

Goodnite....thought I'd share Friday's sunset with you!

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