Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet Chester D Kitty!

My new baby, Chester (because he likes to sit on my chest) D. (short figure it out) Kitty!
He's an adorable, loving, wildly affectionate kitty! Some friends had his sister, and when I met that kitten, I knew I had to bring her brother home. These kittens lost their mother when they were a day or so old, and the son of these friends bottle fed all four kittens.

You can tell, he loves being with "Mom"...and it's rare that an animal or child prefers me to William, so I'm loving it! If you don't put your chin down to his for "kisses" then he'll paw at your face until you do!


Diana said...

What a cute little thing! Oh you'll have fun with him!

Rachel said...

OMG! He's adorable! *loves on Chester*

dawn said...

chester is adorable hun :D