Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh how I fought it!

The color blue! For years I refused to admit that my favorite color was blue. I'd answer whomever asked, "Green!" "Purple!" Anything but BLUE!
I had to be different, and it seemed EVERYONE'S favorite color was blue!
I've always loved color, and if asked would tell anyone in a heartbeat that I hated orange and yellow, (I still do) and that cooler colors were my thing. (they still are) I can finally admit it tho, I love blue. I love the calm of it. It's the color of my favorite place to be...the ocean. It's the color of a warm summer sky. It's the color of William's eyes. It's the color that dominates in my life and in my home.

It's my favorite color. Imagine that. Blue. Whodda thunk it?


NancyJones said...


I like blue too but its NOT my FAVVVVORITE color, but I have lots of fav colors haha.

Wordsmith said...

Hey Char...I soooooo related to your blog about colors. I, too, am a blue freak. My dh's fav is deep forest green, but our house, esp. kitchen, is based around BLUE. I'm totally with ya on genealogy stuff too...AND your thoughts on the war in Iraq. Nope...don't like it a bit, but I do support it. We'd be in deep doo-doo if we let these creeps run over us without a word or action.
I'm just another 50 something with some pretty strong (and might I add, VALID, :-) opinions! Just ask me!