Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another one of my older layouts. We had such fun in Las Vegas when we were there a few years ago...I really want to go back. The journaling on this layout reads:

What a Man!

My husband... When I saw an opportunity to have a photo of him with real Vegas Showgirls, I asked him to go pose with them. Did this man of mine balk? Did he hesitate? Did he pout? Nope! Obedient husband that he is, he trotted right over to wrap an arm around each of them and pose! SUCH a good man! Poor guy, after the picture was taken, he came back to me, gave me a kiss and said, "Not much to hang onto there..." and then added, "No boobies, either!" He is SO abused!

(end quote) ~laffin~ He's so cute! He never fails to make me laugh, and he goes out of his way to make me happy. I found a true treasure when I found this man...or rather, when he found me. It took me a long time to figure out when he wasn't happy with me...he very seldom says anything...he simply doesn't do things that he normally dishes...or he'll leave my laundry for me to wash. Stuff like that. Then I know to suck up a bit and try to figure out what I did to upset him.

The reason I'm dedicating this post to him, our love and friendship is because I made a cake for our niece's 25th wedding anniversary. He was not only behind me every step of the way, he helped to ice the cake, and he did a wonderful job of transporting it (loading it in the car, unloading it at Shirley's house) and of helping me to set it up. It just reminds me of what a wonderful guy he is, and why I love him so much!

Scrapbook Chalet: Have I mentioned how awesome this site is for scrappers? Let me tell you what's been going on there lately. There have been contests galore...and Laura just posted a new one, Designing Like a Star. You can read about it here:

The other thing I need to tell you about these ladies that hang out there is about their wonderful, generous hearts! We have a member, Tracey, who has a little girl that is absolutely precious. Little Miz Gabi was born with some health problems that have caused her parents much worry. She just recently had her sixth surgery to try to correct some of these problems. The ladies of the Chalet not only made and donated for auction some lovely items, but are now in the process of bidding their hearts out to help raise some $$ for Gabi's bills. The auction ends tonight...check it out if you get a chance....and bid!! :)


mama_in_pajamas said...

I remember when you posted this LO in the Jungle's gallery! Loved it then, love it now! :D You've got a good man there!

Sassette said...

Oh Char, I just love this layout and the story behind it! You certainly have yourself a keeper there!

NancyJones said...

HAHAHA He looks so scared in that photo JOhn would have been cheezy grinnin lolol Your so funny and I LOVE the nothing ot hang on to comment rofl. YES CHALET ROCKS OUTLOUD. SO many wonderful people and great what they did for Tracey. SO proud! Great job you and kat for organizing that!!! HUGE KUDOS!