Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to the Fun Stuff!

We have a new "lady" in the house!!  She followed me home, and I had to let her in, it was snowing and cold, I was afraid she'd get all rusty! ;)

When William and I went to Eugene, Oregon about a week and a half ago, we went to one antique shop that had this pretty machine and cabinet.  Priced WAY out of my range.  I left it sitting in the store, and thought about it quite a bit on the way home.  Thought about it all evening and the next day.  Announced to William the next day that I was going to sell some of my collection so I could go back and get this machine.  It was just something I felt I had to do, and even though I felt it was overpriced, I HAD to have it.  As the week wore on, I was moving about and trying to decide which of the machines I already have would be offered on Craig's List, my ever-loving spousal unit would counter with "But you LIKE that one"...."We worked hard on that one"...."it's kind of a cute machine"....and a "Don't even CONSIDER that one!"  LOL...he won't admit it, he likes these ladies as much as I do!

Tuesday, we were off to Eugene again, and the bonus was that one of the ladies from the Quilting Board was going to meet us for lunch!  Margie is just the sweetest, cutest woman!!  We had a great time!

 That's Margie on the left, yours truly on the right.  We had lunch at "Dicky Jo's Burgers" in was GREAT food, and wonderful company!

"It" or as I more commonly refer to them, "She" is a 1912 Singer model 115-1 with "Gold Wing" decals.  Her "skirt" is a very desirable "Drawing Room" cabinet, an early model with the spring elevator lift. (Later models of this cabinet didn't have the lift)  She's in wonderful shape as is the cabinet.  One of the guys on Needlebar said it was a "top of the line machine in a top of the line cabinet".  I think this is the first time I've ever had anything that was considered "top of the line" with the exception of my spousal unit, and I don't own him...he graciously puts up with me!! :)  In doing some research today, I learned that this combination originally sold for somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 in 1912.  That, according to the inflation calculator, translates to about $4500 in today's dollars.  Someone with some money first owned this machine...and it shows in that there is very little wear on it or the cabinet.

I took photos before I wiped her down so you get to see the dust from the store...but here she "Margie"!  (Named for the lovely lady we had lunch with,  and coincidentally, my Aunt Marg, who I was named after. (Long story...another day)

Isn't she pretty?  I've already made a table runner with her...she sews SUPER stitches!  I'm pretty pleased with this machine, and I'm thrilled with the cabinet!  To see how the cabinet works, mosey over to YouTube and watch this video, courtesy of the "Treadle Lady"'s a cute video, and it shows you just how really cool this set up is! :) 


Anonymous said...

I am GREEN with envy! If I saw something like that following me home I would gather it up, wrap it in pretty cloth and put it in my passenger seat. DH could ride in the back if there wasn't room inside.

WOW that is beautiful!

Janet said...

So Beautiful!!!! What's the next level level of coveting above Envy? I Might be getting the same parlor cabinet next weekend from Craigslist, but hardly in such pristine condition. No clue what machine is in it, just know it's been electrified according to the owner. The top looks like a vase of water spilled all over it, but the rest looks decent. Maybe I'll get it refinished when I win the lottery!

Charlee said...

Janet, you're going to LOVE this cabinet! Is the one you're getting the early elevator cabinet or the later "hand lift, fold down" style?

Talk to Glenn!! He can help you get yours refinished in no time at little expense! :)

Michelle said...

I think I would like to have a machine with this style of cabinet someday!

royllsister said...

OMG, OMG, OMG Charlee! I bought this machine in this exact same cabinet a few months ago from a local man. He was using the cabinet as a TV stand; selling his home and a lot of antiques (readying to remarry and move to "her" house). The machine is dirty, I think its missing the coverplate. The cabinet is missing the treadle part and not quite sure what else yet. I think overall, it does need some work but I paid $75 for the whole thing. I just loved, LOVED the parlor cabinet. I found it on ISMACS listed as "Singer Drawing Room Cabinet No. 31 (if plain) or No. 32 (if embossed). Mine is plain. I haven't yet started to clean up the machine or the cabinet....need more hours in the day, lol. Thank you for sharing your story and I really enjoyed your blog in general !

royllsister said...

I forgot to say that my machine head (in this cabinet) has a SN of F714556 followed by a distinctive "0", which is confusing to me when I look up the serial #. It has the Lotus decal and is badly worn only on the front bed, otherwise decals are pretty good...a bit worn on the "SINGER" across the front too. Motor says "British Made".

Charlee said...

Royllsister, sounds like you have a Singer model 66, if it has Lotus decals. :) I just looked up the serial number, and that tells me that you have a model 66K, (the K means it was made in Killbowie, Scotland, between July/December of 1916.

The difference between our cabinets is yours is manual..meaning the machine is raised or lowered by hand, my cabinet has a strong spring in it that raises the machine...other than that, the features are the same...mine is also plain, not embossed, 5 drawers, 9 doors.... :)

royllsister said...

Thank you Charlee, I have a gorgeous Sphynx model 66 that has no cabinet so now I am thinking how I can restore this beautiful cabinet and marry the two of them!