Friday, March 19, 2010

Long Time..No Opinions???

Ah! So it's been awhile....not that I don't have opinions...I still do, I just am not very good about getting here to write about them!

I guess most of my opinions right now concern our government. I'm seriously concerned! Mr. Obama...promised change. Those of you that voted for's that change working for ya? It's not done much for me except to make me poorer than I was before he was elected. Trust me, I wasn't rich then!

I've lost considerable respect for Mr. Obama. Never had any for his wife. Have always felt sympathy for their children. Don't have any feelings one way or the other for their dog.

Hopefully 2012 will be a good election year, with voters casting their votes for *real* change instead of someone's race. I honestly think that if we had "blind" polls, with only the candidate's policies and beliefs, without anyone being able to see WHO, WHAT, or anything else about the candidate, we'd have a much better government right now.


Leah Crowe said...

hear hear! I completely agree!

Bonnie said...

I agree, Charlee! We also need an informed electorate. It's absolutely SCARY what ignorance can elect!

Look at the mess we are in now! Even if we do get rid of him in 2012, it will take America years to get back on her feet, if ever...