Sunday, August 3, 2008

Are You Tired of Pots Yet?

**ETA** I found out, thanks to Fant, Roger, and DC that these two pots are made by Lodge. Still dunno how old they are, but they tell me that "we" know that they're Lodge because of the "L" shape of the bail handle thingies! ;) are the two little pots that I bought the other day. There are no markings, and really didn't excite me at first, but they're good, sound little pots, and I'm happy to have rescued them from that shed where there were most certainly doomed!

The bottom of the "10". The marks are from setting on a rack of some kind and not in the metal itself. The markings are:

The lid...the "10" is the only mark of any kind. There are no markings or anything substantial inside either of the pots.

Side view of the 10. Doesn't really look any different than the 8, shown below.

The "8". Just above the 8 is a lightly engraved "7".

The bottom of the 8...again the marks are from a rack of some kind. Under the "8" is "C0"

Side view of the 8. Both pots are poorly seasoned....I don't think there's rust on them. Could be wrong, of course, it could be that they oiled rusty pots. We'll find out when I clean them. I don't think either pot has ever been used....

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Ohhhh I am going to have to read more about your new obsession...when it isn't so late *L*
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