Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Went Scouting Today....

Nope! Nothing to do with Boy or Girl Scouts, altho both are highly admirable organizations! (My oldest son was a Life Scout, and my youngest an Eagle)
We went looking for new campgrounds to try out. Had a great time just hanging out with William and seeing the sights that to be seen when you're in the Newberry Crater area of Oregon. Fasinating place!

William and Jake at the Obsidian flow.

The hillside at the Obsidian flow...hard to see, but there's a LOT of black glass on that hillside!

My goofy, adorable, ever-so-sweet husband, behind a large Obsidian boulder.

William at Paulina Lake.

Jake loved biting at the weeds that were washing up to shore at Paulina Lake! It was hilarious....until we went to get in the car! Dogs have absolutely NO sense of political correctness when they're wet and drippy! NONE!

We went to the top of Paulina Peak, at the rim of the cauldron...What fantastic views!
~happy lil sigh~ Ain't he handsome? :)

Don't panic! It's just a fat girl with a poodle! This is Jake and I at the Deschutes River.

A view of both Paulina Lake and East Lake from Paulina Peak. We'll be camping down there next week! (Note to self: Bring long johns!)

This is the oldest tree in the state of Oregon! They estimate it's age a about 500 years, it's height at 165 feet, it's diameter at 8.6 feet, and board feet at over 25,000! It's got a lot of character, this tree....wish you could see it in real life!

So here's the skinny! We're going camping/fishing at Paulina lake next Tues-Weds. Anyone want to join us? I'll be cooking in the dutch ovens...and hopefully we'll catch a fish or two! The state record for a brown trout came from Paulina Lake...a 28 1/2 pounder caught in 2002...it's time to break that record, I'm thinking! (I'm also thinking that if *I* can be the one to break that record, that William won't let me go fishing anymore with him! NOT necessarily a bad thing!! ~grin~)


rachel whetzel said...

mmmmm! Bring some of that trout MY way, will ya!?

Leah said...

beautiful place!

Leah C said...

*giggling* I wanna see you break that record! Your hair looks so much lighter than I remember.. this camping/hiking deal is good on you :) Tell William I love his kooky hawaiian looking shirts! Jake looks cute as ever! Loving all the photos!