Thursday, April 26, 2007


Really now! Does the "Anon" poster that left a comment on my previous post honestly think that I'm going to be impressed with their opinion? I left it, because everyone is entitled to an opinon, and because I honestly don't care what someone who is too cowardly to let me know who they are thinks!

I *WILL* respond to it tho, because like I've said many times in the past, I truely enjoy messing around with the minds of mental midgets!

As for the War in Iraq. I fully support it. Period. Did I say I thought it was cool? Nah. Did I jump up and down for joy when it started? Nope. Did, and do I think it's necessary? Yep. It's kind of like taking out the garbage. Ain't pleasant, no one WANTS to, but it's gotta be done. Is anyone going to change my mind on the issue? Not likely, and definately not by leaving an anon post.

As for "couple dressing"? Does "Anon" honestly think I'm going to care what he/she thinks about it? Gimme a break! We don't do it often, but we DO like to dress in matching shirts on occasion. If I cared what anyone else thought about it, I'd have asked the world before we bought the shirts! If I was in my teens or twenties, I might get all upset that someone in this world might not like me for "couples dressing"...I'm well beyond that age and stage of life tho. I seldom bow to peer pressure. I really don't give a rip who might think I'm weird, or a nerd, other than my own best friend and husband.

So tell me Anon, knowing what you know now...what did you accomplish with your comment?


NancyJones said...


Julie said...

hehehe You TELL em Charlee!!!! I think you and William look adorable in your matching shirts!!
now I don't know what happened to bring all that on, so I am gonna have to go back and read some other posts. *L*

And BTW have been tagged! *wink* (Blame Nancy *LOL*)

Scraptastickat said...

what an idiot! Probably has nothing better to do than to go to good peoples blogs and act like a fool.

I hope they come back and read what you said... idiots!

Char we are just surrounded by MENTAL MIDGETS! LOL